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[ With each word that came out of Stiles’ mouth, sounding almost foreign due to the tongue, Derek is trying to keep himself between the creature and the boy. There was no way that he would let her around him. His total focus in the moment was to subdue her. To keep her away from anyone. To send her elsewhere with Stiles help.

All he can soon hear is the clashing of claws, sounds of his own growling and roars, as well as hisses and high pitched roars in turn from the Succubi in front of him. There are various parts of his body that are already showing signs of healing from wounds, but again: nothing seemed more important than protecting and simply winning.

That is until he hears Stiles’ frightened tone. He cannot help the reaction of turning his head to look at Stiles with a confusion and panicked look. It is within these few seconds that the Succubi is slamming both her hands and various tendrils of energy slamming in to the center of the Alpha’s chest.

An overly loud crack sounds as Derek slams in to the nearest tree. Clawed hands dart out instantly to push the surface of Earth away from him, but instead he is being hefted up again. The tendril of energy seeming to send an odd rush of heat to his get and in turn grip far too harshly at his neck.

The same is done to the man now left alone. A tendril in turn is being thrown in the direction of Stiles; gripping from the boy’s middle and hefting him helplessly in to the air. ]

"Stil— Hgk!”


[ Hisses are what sound from the Succubi; hips swaying as she strides forward. Her own eyes having turn a dark maroon color and the outer portions appearing to be black. They slowly sway between the two, contemplating and planning as the tendrils in turn start to grip that much tighter. ]

Well … That was cute. Really. … But I told you to not let me interrupt you. —  And I meant it.

                                                       Shit, no Derek, you’re not supposed to——- but of course the wolf lets his attention stray for too long and Derek is already being lifted from the ground. The sound of Stiles’ now much more panicked voice fills the air as he watches, his eyes focused more on Derek than the woman they were after, which of course, puts him in the perfect position to have the woman wrap herself around him too and soon enough, he felt the floor beneath him vanish. 

If Derek looked like he was in pain, Stiles looked like he was about to burst with the pressure that was now around him. His face was now bright red, veins on show and his eyes already watering. With what energy he did have he tried in vain to hit himself out of her grip, fists pounding on the tendril around him. Obviously to no avail. If Derek couldn’t get free he had no chance. 


But what the hell was she talking about? Don’t let her interrupt what? Of course he knew that he and Derek had been in a particular situation when she had arrived but shouldn’t she be able to tell that it wasn’t real, that it was set up to bait her? He didn’t understand what she was talking about or what she planned on doing with them, but what he did know, was that if it ended in his death, he wasn’t going down without some kind of fight. 

❝ Wh—— what do you m… mean? ❞ he asks as both he and Derek are slowly brought together and lowered slightly. ❝ What are you do—- doing? Derek? What’s happening? Am I g—- gonna die? Is that what this is? I swear to god if I die I will kick your ass in the afterli——fe.



                  ❛ I know. ❜

                 [ with one small step he moves
          into  her  space  ,  leaning  forwards
          &  pressing  a  kiss to her forehead.
          Drawing back slowly, a small twitch
          happening at the corner of his lips. ]

                                 ❛Thank you…❜

              [ it’s not often he has someone do
              this for him. it’s almost always the
             other way around. ]

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Dylan O’Brien on ‘Despierta America’ (August 28)

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Dylan O’Brien attends The MAZE Runner Miami at Regal South Beach on August 27, 2014 in Miami, Florida.

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