❝——— I’m lost have no idea where i’m going
                     how is that confusing to understand?❞

[ a silk brown eyebrow arose in curiosity 
while delicate pink lips curved into a  

❝You were practically whispering, that’s why.
                             Where do you need to be? ❞

 [ He knows this town like the back of his hand
and can help a stranger find their way. So long
as he can understand them that is.  Thankfully
it seemed they were past that. 

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( texts from last night ✉ send one for my muse’s reaction )


  • ( text ) : uh, do you have my pants because i have yours
  • ( text ) : let’s play another game of whose boxers are hanging on my fence
  • ( text ) : update. a gay guy just told me that i’m the most beautiful thing with a vagina he has ever seen. how should i feel about this?
  • ( text ) : i’m sorry about all the inappropriate shoe throwing.
  • ( text ) : you killed a bottle of bacardi in 20 minutes. so much for being an organ donor.
  • ( text ) : why can’t burritos get me drunk?
  • ( text ) : i know you’re on a date and i should leave you alone, but about twenty minutes ago, i realized i haven’t been spanked in years so if you’re still looking for a birthday present, you know, consider it.
  • ( text ) : why is my bath tub filled with mud?
  • ( text ) : i’ve noticed we slowly have begun to phase the “b” out of our bromace.
  • ( text ) : you just jumped of the couch and yelled “hidden tiger crouching dragon!” that’s the answer to how you broke your finger.
  • ( text ) : this is what my life has come to. drinking champagne alone yelling at the dog because no one wants to hang out with me
  • ( text ) : if i open my eyes, my head will explode. that hungover.
  • ( text ) : apparently all year, they’ve been using me as a standard for drunkenness.
  • ( text ) : all i’m saying is that your next houseguest had better not barge in on me in the shower demanding i wash the stolen dye from his hair. i’m not doing that a second time.
  • ( text ) : i need to stop drunkenly getting naked. i’m losing all my party clothes.
  • ( text ) : please make the clown in the corner stop judging me. i mean he’s the one with paint on his face. i don’t need him judge judying me.
  • ( text ) : sooooo, how am i supposed to explain to my mom that i was admitted to the hospital, but you kidnapped me within 20 minutes?
  • ( text ) : hey remember that thing i said about never apologizing for being a hot mess? well that was before you found me drunk in the hallway with no pants.
  • ( text ) : so much for not drinking this week after this weekend. congrats, you made it until tuesday.
  • ( text ) : i just remembered that someone fed me a pretzel out of their purse at the bar last night.
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█ ✞ ;;
            ❝ if you d i e here,
                   then you’re stuck
                     here for e t e r n i t y.
                         so try not to die. ❞

❝———     Okay,
            you’re creepy
What the hell is that
supposed to mean?❞

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Send my muse “We’re alone now, you could kiss me” for their reaction.

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      ❝——— What?

[ Seriously dude, he doesn’t understand 
a word you are saying. Speak clearer or 
speak up

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iremembertwistingit ;  
"Why do you always like bringing up killing me? I feel like I need to sleep with my eyes open." He looks up at the nogistune."I just had an urge to lick." He really didn't have a real reason to give him.

❝I’m not going to kill you Stiles. I need you, remember.❞

[ he sighs, sucking on his front teeth for a moment.

❝Just—- don’t do it again. Get some sleep, you’re going to
need it. Big day tomorrow..❞

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❝—Come now, Mister Stilinski, you are not fooling me.❞

❝No. Honestly, I’m not thinking about anything.❞

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favorite character meme: two emotions

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